A Small Scale Theatre 'Company Organizing a Tour of Rural Arts Venues in the East Midlands

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A Small Scale Theatre 'Company Organizing a Tour of Rural Arts Venues in the East Midlands




There have been major trends that have had emerged regarding community differentiation, racial segregation, separation of people as per the family status and other forms of human demographics. It has therefore clicked that there is high need that forums be developed, which would help bring people of different characteristics together, share and appreciate the differences in them. The major purpose of the project is to revive the almost extinct old villages in the communities, which educated on the need to have shared experience. Therefore, the biggest aim is to revive these old village halls and make them the point to share these differences.  Essentially, the project would aim at bringing the communities to one hall where, through entertainment, various demographics would scrutinize each other at close range and appreciate the differences amongst the people.


Harper (2007, p. 12) notes that community integration is reflected by a number of aspects and the famous of them all being entertainment; that is, recreation or leisure. It therefore puts that entertainment cannot be ignored in anything that is positive; for example, it is mostly in entertainment halls that people of all walks of life tend to come together and share their differences and commonalities. In this therefore, other purposes of this project is to entertain, educate the persons who do not have bits of interests in the general art, bring the theater to the persons who cannot make to go easily; for example, the old persons and essentially reach out to the new audiences. The key thing in all of this is to initiate a kind of appreciated entertainment; an entertainment that would bring people together and make entertainment be appreciated as a forum that can bring people of all sorts of life together. Entertainment has so much importance attached to it that, it is appropriate to make even the ones who do not appreciate start liking it.




The funding for this project is limited, and the major focus for this funding is from the external sources rather than from own funding. We are relying on a possible loan from a bank, a bank that would value our project as one, which can bring tangible results to the community. Since the aim is to have people be integrated, it is carrying a national duty using entertainment, and with this, we are relying on a possible funding from the Arts Council and the local authorities, that is, the county and the district councils. However, we are also targeting sales from the tickets and well-wishers or interested sponsors.


Type of Business


As noted earlier, one possible source of income is the sales of the entertainment entry tickets and therefore, the business is purely commercial. Writing on this, Biederman (2007, p. 861) notes that commercial entertainment spots have for long been used to reach most people as compared to the non profit entertainment spots. It would be a profit-making venture, and this would help in the sustenance of the business/entertainment business and make to put up what could be needed urgently in the business. The profits that would be gathered from the sale of tickets would be ploughed back into the business to make more of the efforts to bring people together. However, we will bank heavily on the partnership with the local village halls as the points where people would converge for entertainment. It is expected that the owners of these village halls would see the sense to allow their halls to be revived as entertainment halls. More importantly, it is expected that the idea would be bought by many in the villages where, there would be volunteers in the villages who would support the venture to make it more successful.


Financial Constraints


Even though it is projected that this business would hit the needed heights, there are constraints that are expected. Butzen (2003, p. 126) notes that many of the investments are brought down by lack of the financial grounds that are needed in any kind of project. In this project, the problem of finances is not absent and actually, it is projected to be the major problem that the project is likely to make to the needed heights. For example, in an earlier analysis, it is noted that the project would bank its income form the local authorities and one of the probabilities is that the council may fail to play this part. However, creation of the new productions and the high unemployment rates in people may cripple the project. For example, if the people do not make to have the money for the tickets, then, everything may come down because there may be no other sources of funds for the project.


Projected income statement


On Wednesday, the morning, afternoon and evenings would be filled by the kids, teens and adults, where, the adults are those who are over 25 years of age, the kids who are 10 years and less and the teens on average 15 years. For 30 adults who pay £8 each, a total of £240 would be gathered in total. For the kids, nothing would be collected from them since they do not pay to enter into entertainment. However, for the teens that are 5 of them and pay £6 per person, £30 is collected. The accumulative gain on Wednesday total £270. On Thursday, there is no change from Wednesday as the same number is projected to troop into the entertainment halls. On Friday, 70 adults would bring a total of £560, 20 kids would bring nothing, and 10 teens would bring £60 and this would sum up to £620. Saturday is expected to bring in the same number as Friday. However, the pay on Saturday varies where, adults are to pay £10, kids would pay nothing and teens would pay £6. It therefore sums to £700, £0 for the kids and £60 for the teens to add to a total of £760. The same pay rate is replicated on Sunday. However, the number is 30 for the adults, 15 for the kids and 5 for the teens, and therefore, a total of £600 would be collected. The calculation for the week is therefore £2,520 and for a whole year, which has 50 weeks, a total of £126,000 would be collected.


The company too has merchandise that it would manage and in dollars, these are tuc-shop 30, tea and biscuits 30, production of the brochures 100, the hoodies 36 and cash case 6.98. Other assets would be like Becky and Sarah both with 5000 investment to make 10000 and the sponsorship is 3000. The total in this come to 13203 dollars.


Expected Expenses


The Ink paper as well as the ink cartridges as stationary, and the total expenses projected for this in a whole year is £3012. For the filing cupboards, it is expected that this would costs a total of £66.38 while 3 tables equals £147. 3 chairs or the desks are expected to costs 102 while the postage call expenses for a whole year are expected to sum up to a total of £6000. The expenses too encompass marketing where, hosting a website for a whole year goes for £62 while the website design would go for £44.99 and the web. In dollars, the poster design would go for 95, poster printing equals 54 while the magazine advert for a whole year is 2000. For the venue, a full hire would go for 17,125, the hire for the dressing room is 6,250, and the equipments 2000. For the production, the costumes and the set designer would go for 83, the set costs for the costumes 300, the upkeep for the make up 40 and the new scripts 90. The total on this is £37471.


Other costs include transport where, transport is expected to take a sizeable portion. For the buying of a van, this would be 4850, the petrol 4241.16, road tax 130, and insurance 832. The general costs are like the saved money which in dollars is 200, office money 1000, savings on equipment 1000, bank charges is 900 and the types of insurance is 3000. The office space has rent 4900, electricity 1000; VAT 1500, the legal cases 250, bank reverence 10, telephone 3500 and the printers for the office is 329.99. The total expenses are 27393.


In total, the assets or the amount of money the project would hold is dollars 139203 against the expected expenses of 27,393.


Therefore, the gain expected is 111810 dollars.


Biederman, D 2007, Law and business of the entertainment industries, Greenwood Publishing, Santa Barbara


Butzen, P 2003, Firms’ investment and finance decisions: Theory and empirical methodology, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham.


Harper, K 2007, Predictors of community integration among individuals with multiple sclerosis, Wayne State University, Detroit



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