Disease: Cancer

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Disease: Cancer

Cancer is one of the diseases that the whole world is worried about, and each of the world’s nations is working very hard at least to keep the disease out of its confines. There are a number of types of cancer. For instance, Breast cancer, Gynecologic cancers, Hematologic cancers, lung cancer, prostrate cancer and skin cancer among many others. In this discussion, we will focus at three major types of cancer and give an analysis of the diseases skin cancer, lung cancer and the breast cancer. These are some of the types of cancers that have for long terrorized the world with each nation in the world trying to the maximum to at least lower the possibilities of its citizen falling victims of any of them, and when they attack, the governments invest a lot to keep the severity as low as possible.

Lung cancer

By its outside definition, a lung cancer is a cancer that affects the lungs, that is, it starts with the lungs and in essence, the disease inhibits the flexibility of a person to breath normally. The disease consists of the cell growth that is uncontrolled and tends to attack the tissues of the lung and its growth can lead to metastasis. As Stewart (2009) notes, this kind of cancer starts just like all others from a cause such as abnormality in the functioning of a certain unit in the body, and then if it is not checked, it can spread very fast. For example, it can start with a tumor that can be benign or malignant and when there is disruption of some systems of checks and balances, then, there is high potentiality of growth of these systems. One of the most quoted causes of this disease is excessive smoking of cigarettes.

The statistics as shown by Stewart (2009) are that each of the years in America has more than 170000 people suffering from the disease; lung cancer and 10% of these cases occur in people who do not smoke. Therefore, these persons get the disease through the indirect smoking, and the argument here could be that it does not matter whether you are a direct smoker or not, but you are prone to the lung cancer. Cancers may not have adequate treatments, that is, there may not be a specified form of treatment for the disease to be fully recovered, but what is there or exists are advance counsel. People should at most keep off substances that can affect them, such as stop smoking and be advised to keep aware from such prone areas in public (Stewart, 2009).

Breast cancer

The breast cancer is a kind of cancer that starts in the parts of a breast, or the tissues that can be located in a breast. These comes in two main types namely, the Ductal Carcinoma which is known to start in the tubes called the ducts that helps in the  movement of milk from the breasts to the nipples. There is also the Lobular carcinoma type of breast cancer, this starts in the parts of the breast that is called the lobules, and is one that produce the milk. However, it is documented that it is rare for the breast cancer to start in the breast itself. Many of the breast cancers are sensitive to some hormones especially the estrogen and this means that the hormone can cause the cancer tumor to grow in a person. While it mostly affects women, it has also been seen that it can affect men as well with a number of them being reported to have the disease even though not severe.

In this disease as analyzed by Hunt (2008), some factors can be said to be contributing to its severity. According to him, these are like the gender and age, the genes, family history of the disease, the menstrual cycle, and a lot of alcohol use, childbirth, obesity, radiation, and Hormone replacement therapy. Not all of the causes or the factors that may increase the probability of the person getting the disease may occur to each of the cases, but what is there is that some people may get it out of genes or inheritance. The general kind of treatment for this disease may include the radiation therapy, the surgery meant to remove the cancerous tissue and the chemotherapy. The last of them is a kind of medication that helps in killing the cells that harbor the disease.

The Skin Cancer

The last of the cancer listed earlier is the skin cancer and as it may sound, it is a cancer that has uncontrolled growth of the cells of the skin in a most abnormal way. If this disease is not checked, then, the cells of the cancer can spread from the skin all the way to some other tissues and organs in the body. There are a number of types of the skin cancer like basal cell carcinoma, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The basal cell carcinoma results from some abnormal growth of the cells especially in the lowest later of the epidermis. The squamous cell carcinoma involves the changes in the squamous cells and it is found in the middle layer of the epidermis. The last that is, melanoma occurs in the melanocytes and it is less common than the other two though it is the most dangerous of all.

Egan (2005) classifies skin cancers as either melanoma or non-melanoma as indicated in the classification of the three above. He adds that the skin cancer disease is the most basic and the most common of all the other types of the cancer diseases we have analyzed or listed in our earlier discussion and it can grow or occur on anyone. Particularly, it has symptoms such as scaly and rough skin, sometimes the skin is red and very firm and it can even bleed and become crusty. Particularly, one should look at features such as asymmetry, color that varies from one area to the other especially the tanning, and when the skin is bleeding and is not healing fast. Some of the proposed treatments are like the surgical removals; but in this, it depends with the kind of the skin cancers. Generally, what is recommended is to take care of the skin and keep off the areas that can make one suffer from the diseases. All of the skin cancer diseases as listed can occur on anybody, it does not depend on gender, or even age, and one should perhaps watch on the symptoms to know whether there are some bits of it, or it is just a normal appearance of the skin.


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