Good speech writing

A good speech unlike other writings like research projects and essays targets more on the listener and less on the readers and therefore there is need to make the speech as striking as possible. It is therefore the role of the writer to be humorous without drifting from the theme for his work to have much effect to the intended audience.

Good speech writing requires one to come up with the main theme. One mainly focuses on one idea in good speech writing because if one reinforces a single point instead of focusing on entirely different ideas, the audience will have a greater tendency to remember that. To enhance good speech writing the title of the speech should be catchy to draw the audience’s attention. It is necessary first to outline the key elements of an idea and an ultimate goal of the speech.

Before engaging in good speech, writing the writer should evaluate the audience, the speaker and the situation being addressed to ensure that he or she keeps the theme alive throughout the speech. Good speech writing requires one to be clear and straight to the point in the shortest way possible because long speeches may lead to loss of track with the audience. Good speech writing is aimed at capturing the audience mind and driving the point home meaning that at the end of the speech the audience should be where the speaker intended them to be.

Good speech writing is one that not only deals with other people’s work in reference to research done by the writer but also gives the mind of the speaker on the specific issue being discussed. These are the necessary parts in good speech writing

Introduction: A summary of the points that the writer/speaker would like to put across in the shortest form possible. The introduction part matters much in good speech writing for this will mean whether the audience attention is captured or not. Some personal information of the speaker may be stated at this point being very careful to retain the theme of the speech.

The midsection/body: This is the second element in good speech writing where the main ideas of the speaker are discussed intensely.

The conclusion: This should sum up all the key points in good speech writing and serve as a reminder of what the speaker talk.

Inspirational quotes may also be used in good speech writing to flavor the speech and bring the importance of what is being addressed in the speech to the mind of an audience. The main achievement for a good speaker is to see that the intended message has been conveyed to the intended audience without alteration. Therefore, good speech writing is necessary for this gives the guideline.

Theme rein forcers are necessary in good speech wring and are simply the points that a speechwriter uses throughout his or her speech to 'reinforce' the central idea they are trying to get across. A quote is also necessary in good speech writing as it forms a climax of the speech. This climax is the most important part. It should be the last paragraph, and leave everyone with something to think about. The end of the good speech writing should be in conclusion that the situation has really been addressed.






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