Admission Essay

Purpose of an admission essay

``Your GPA, SATII and SATI scores are excellent but you still need to submit your admission essay or personal statement.’’ You may have been told these words after enquiring about admission in your dream college. Sometimes they will go on to add that these scores are just numbers and that they do not bring out your personality. The GPA, SATII scores and class rank are equally important requirement in the admission process but an admission essay is of equal importance. No one would like to miss a position in a college because of not putting words together in a way that pleases the admission committee. Learning how to write a good and a convincing admission essay is a good idea and I recommend that you take your time to learn the skills.

The purpose of writing an admission essay is to convince your audience who are the selection committee on your suitability for the chosen program. An important point to note is that an admission essay is the only opportunity that you have as a prospective student to express your unique personality to the selection committee. To come up with an admission essay that will take you through the selection committee the following tips and steps are important. For simplicity, I will summaries these into three steps; which are pre-writing, drafting and editing.


To start with, you need to come up with ideas that will form the basis of your essay. You should always have in mind that the main purpose of an admission essay is to share your personality as much as possible with the selection committee. You should therefore come up with a list of your strengths and personalities. This list should mainly focus on your strengths rather than on what you have accomplished in the past. Inquiring from your friends and family can be a good way of discovering your personality and strengths.

Drafting an admission essay

The most difficult part of admission essay writing is starting the writing process. The information that you have already stated concerning your personality can be of great help in kick starting the writing process. The purpose of drafting your admission essay is to organize further the information that will appear in the final draft. This information should be organized in such a way that the introduction, main body and the conclusion of the essay stand out. The introduction is a very important part of your admission essay and should be designed in such a way that it gives an idea of what the essay is about to the admission panel. It is here you grab the readers attention or you loose it,’’ On the other hand the main body should support and also give evidence of the highlighted main ideas. Finally, the conclusion should be a brief summary that binds together the ideas that were brought up in the essay.

Editing your admission essay

After you are done with the drafting then you need to correct any mistake and make any necessary improvement. It is necessary to check and make sure that your admission essay brings out your main idea. The feedback from other people whom you had asked to read the essay on your behalf could be a good tool in correcting these mistakes. You should also ensure that the language you have used is simple and clear, note that the purpose of your admission essay is to give information about you and it is not for examination purposes. Don’t panic the goal of this process is not to sell an ideal image of yourself. It is to find the right school for you.



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