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To: My Friend John
From: Your friend Gerson
Date: November 18, 2011
Re: Reconciliation
How are you doing John? I hope you are fine, well protected by the Lord and continuing with your studies at Cambridge University. I Gerson am fine, doing well and actually proceeding with my studies. Am writing this words in reference to what happened on August 18 this year, I hope you remember. The incident that has actually disturbed me for along time and I felt worth that I propose for reconciliation. Every time I recall that holiday outing that we had on 18 August together and the two girls I feel sorry of myself. In fact, when I remember the reason that broke the relationship we had for a couple of years.

At times I really flashback the places we had gone together, the times we had been together for each other, how we have impacted each others life and the closeness we had even made between our families and find myself guilty. In fact, sometimes last month, my father had asked me about you but I could not respond. After a few days, he asked me the same and to make the matter worse, I felt very humiliated when my little sister Joan asked me on your well-being. Actually, it was a tough moment for me I felt a lot of pain in my heart especially when she insisted that we have to visit your home. I went sat down and tried to reason on what could be done on our relationship and the answer was only reconciliation.

Moreover, as you are aware that my father is my role model and as you are evident of various incidences, he has inspired us, given us advice and even guided to us on various issues, I decided to go and yet once again seek advice from him. By the favor of God and thanks to God for such a wonderful father who I find always understanding, supportive and always there for us, he embraced me as a son. The first question he asked me as usual is what I had in mind about the situation. I told him about reconciliation and actually he told me it the best solution in such a situation. He even emphasized that this must happen with immediate effect. At first, I was worried on how to go about it and I therefore involved my elder brother Morgan who gave me the idea of writing a memorandum. Therefore, John it is my desire to have our relationship back as well as the desire of my family who have given me a lot of pressure.
However, it is hurting and absurd to mention the reason why we broke our relationship, but just allow me to mention it at this point. In deed, my father insisted to know the reason behind all this but I decide not to respond to questions relating to this. Otherwise, he could have seen the kind of people we are and the same time he could have disrespected us for the rest of our life. When I flashed back what cropped up on that day, actually I saw as if I was watching a Nigerian movie over the internet from my laptop. I really laughed; saw it as a joke but my conscience could remind me this is what has caused us all this mess for the last three months. I felt sorry that a young girl as Mercy whom we have known when we were still mature would have made all this happen. However, for the purpose of our relationship John I have decided to let you have her under the expense of having our relationship back. Furthermore I realized her feelings to you are much strong than the feelings she has to me. I remembered the fight we had when they were still watching and really found it is as if we had lost our conscience. Really, I could not have imagined us fighting over a girl but it happened.

On the other hand, I tried to analyze the activities that we had on that day and found the main cause for this might have been the drinks that we took at the clean shelf restaurant. I therefore made a resolution that in my life I will never take alcoholic drinks in order to avoid such circumstances. I came to understand why you always insisted that I stop taking alcoholic drinks. I count myself responsible for this act because unlike me you were sober as usual and at the same time, I remember I was the one who initiated the fight. I hope that John you will forgive me.

I also tried to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and I found that if it was not for my desire to have all the girls next to me our relationship could have been as it was before the incidence. I have sought advice and guidance from my parents who helped me the best way they were able and then took me to their councilor who advices them on various issues. Truly, that is the best thing that my parents have done in life. I wish that after we regain our relationship that we visit this councilor one day. This man is gifted when it comes to issues of counseling and you will realize once we meet that my morals have really changed. Just imagine for the last four weeks I have visited this councilor eight times and every time I visit him, he has something new for me and actually something that I usually find worth to grasp and put into practice. Since I know you like to interact and make new friends, am sure you will find this man worth to be your friend; whom in deed you will be visiting regularly. To hint you on what is my resolution for the passion of the girls I have decided to be spending much of my time doing things that are essential and of great help in my life. In fact, I have a business plan that we will share together, trying to evaluate its possibilities and if we find it worth we give it a trial. I know a boy of my father's friend who runs the same business in the United Kingdom and guess what the boy is younger than we are but is a millionaire. That is where I see us if we may utilize the knowledge we have in this business.

In conclusion, John, I have really missed the times and moments of our relationship. Furthermore, the support we availed to each other in academics, sports, and every activity that we offered support to each other. For those three months that we have been away from each other, I have really seen as if it were years. I have been living a foreigner who knows no one in the foreign land and thus I would request we regain our friendship. I assure you that am a changed person who is ready and willing to establish our friendship again. Actually, if there is someone who has made me the way I am, I count you one. Please respond to my memorandum as soon as possible so that I can know your views. Otherwise, my expectations are that you will honor my request and give me a date when we can meet, meeting place, and time. Please allow me stop at this point but I have much to share with you once we meet.
Pass my warm greetings to you family and please tell them am looking forward to the see them soon.
Kind regards
Gerson (your friend)

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