Essay Paper

Essay paper is a piece of writing written on a particular topic and from author’s point of view. Essay papers can be for academic or non- academic purposes.  Essay papers are written in prose form and can range from, articles, short stories to admission college essays. In an essay paper, the author has the desire to say everything in manner that the reader understands. An essay paper should be enjoyable to read and it needs to capture the attention of the reader and at the same time communicate the message as intended.

Essay paper format vary depending on the purpose of the essay. In educational essay paper format, there are three main parts. These are the introduction, body and the conclusion.  The introduction opens the essay paper with the thesis and gives the main points to be discussed, the body develops the points put forward in the introduction and conclusion restates the thesis and summarizes all that is in the body of the essay paper.  Any person reading an essay paper will be able to follow the argument in better way when the essay paper has these three parts.


There are different types of essay papers depending on the nature of the message and the manner of putting the message across.  The cause and effect essay papers seek to prove the relationship between two things one causing the other to happen. For example, one can write an essay to show the effects of poverty on academic achievement. Classification essay paper show the whole and division. For example, a writer can write an essay paper showing the number of students in a particular school based on sex division.

Compare and contrast essay paper shows the similarities and differences between two or more things. For example, the similarities between people from different cultural backgrounds and the differences. Descriptive essay paper gives a detailed account and appeals to the reader’s emotional sensibilities and intellectual reasoning. Historical descriptive essay papers are written in a chronological order or the order in which the events occurred.  Narrative essay papers explain events also in a chronological order or as they will happen. Historical essay papers are descriptive and narrative and they recount historical events. Exemplification essay paper shows generalization and relevance of things or events.


To write a good essay paper there are some steps to follow.  The first step understands the topic to be discussed and to have an idea of the required content.   Thorough research before writing is important. Research will make the author to be sure that the resources are right and the correct information. Correct information enables the author in formulation of the thesis and provides enough evidence to support the thesis. A well-researched essay paper expounds on the thesis to prove what is postulated.

Paragraphs are used as the building blocks in the body of the essay paper. Paragraphs are connected to each other in a coherent manner for the flow of ideas in a logical and persuasive manner.  Language use in essay paper should be simple and easy to understand. The author of the essay paper uses correct grammar in sentence construction

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