Article on Advertisement

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Article on Advertisement
1. What function or functions are evident in Mei Li's attitude towards the advertisement that lines the street around her?
The purpose of any advertisement is to capture the attention of any potential buyer and create an interest in purchasing or being associated with the item or commodity in the advertisement. To achieve this purpose the advertisement will educate and inform people on something that they did not know about before coming across that advertisement (Clow & Baack, 2007). Advertisements then create an attitude in the mind of the potential customer towards the product and this is what the advertisement lining on the streets does to Mei Li's.
To begin with the advertisement have an effect on her goal and future career and in particular, she states that one particular advertisement that looks like a space craft that is preparing to blast to the space reminds her that she needs to be an engineer in the future. On the same advertisement, she notes that there is need to live a fulfilling life and a life that is full of happiness. The advertisement also makes her compare life in china with that of the United States and she notes that the Chinese are trying to copy a lot in their lifestyles from the west. This brings her to the issue of how advertisement is facilitating the process of globalization.

2. Using the psychoanalytic approach to motivation, explain how Mei Li deals with the advertisement that surrounds her
The life of a human being depends on two main factors, which are life and death, and therefore everything that a person does is to help him or her deal with the two factors (AIIPsych, 2003). Closely connected to this is the need to survive and therefore people set goals that enables them to survive. Psychiatrics' effects therefore works across the emotions of a person making him or her realize that there is much that is required in order to reach the topmost peaks of their life. Through this advertisement, Mei Li realizes that she needs to go to school and study hard in order to realize her dream of being an engineer since this guarantees her of a stable income in her adult life. Looking through her life and comparing it with the life of the icons in the advertisement she realizes that there is much to life than going to school alone. She realizes that life in general is of equal importance and therefore how a person looks matters, which leaves her with the desire of being beautiful like the characters on the advertisement. From the same advertisement, she realizes that in order to live a meaningful life someone needs to have people who love and care about them and therefore she looks toward that time when she will be mature enough to have a lover.

3. What effects do these western ads appear to be having on the self-concept of Chinese consumers?
In this case study, it is evident that most of the advertisements that are lining the Chinese street use western ideas. It is also evident that even advertisements that promote Chinese commodities among the Chinese people appear like western. The advertisements therefore have a lot of effect on the Chinese people on their attitude towards their culture and way of life. To begin with, the advertisements make the Chinese people realize that there are other better ways of life beyond the boundaries of their country. This makes the Chinese people realize that the western ways of life are more appealing than the life that they are living there in china. The advertisement also make the people to look down at their own culture and way of life and this leads them to copy a lot from the western culture that they get from these advertisements. Through the advertisements the Chinese people realizes that there is need to live a happy life and a life full of fun. The need to live a happy life leads the Chinese people to undertake things such as plastic surgery to improve their appearance just as people from the western world do.

4. What part does the perception process play in Mei Li's reaction to the make-up advertisement?
To most students and especially Mei Li the advertisements play an important part in shaping their attitude towards life. The case study notes make-up advertisements to be the most effective in the perception of these students. The advertisement particularly has more effects to Mei Li than the actual brand. Through these advertisements, she realizes that there is a need to live life like a star and therefore she needs to be beautiful and elegant. From the advertisements, she also realizes that people living in the western world are very conversant with beauty and that they are ideal people. This perception makes her want to copy from the west in terms of how they apply their make-ups and how they carry themselves. She also realizes that there is a need for a woman to be sophisticated just like the women in the western world. Finally, the advertisements make her realize that it is important in life to have somebody who will love her and who will be taking her out to parties like the women in the advertisement. Her age however stands on her way and she therefore realizes that it is important to be a mature and an independent person.

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