How to do a Research paper

By definition, a research paper is an academic or a scientific document written by a person pursuing to seek or address an investigation or research on a given topic. How to do a research paper explains the outcomes, methodologies, analysis, interferences and conclusions made during a research or an investigation. How to do a research paper gives the discoveries, explains and interprets the new knowledge or ideas used in resolving an existing doubt of an existing knowledge or reaching to a new knowledge. How to do a research paper addresses three questions that include what the academics or scientist want to accomplish, why he/she wants to do it and how he/she intends to meet his/her expectations. How to do a research paper must contain ample information on the topic in order to persuade whoever reads the paper that your idea/findings are important, that you have knowledge on that topic, and that your methodology sounds. The tone used should therefore be compelling and coherent.


A research paper should also ensure total adherence to the requirements. How to do a research paper requirements includes the double line spacing, type or font size that is generally Times New Roman font and 12 point size font, margins the recommended being 1.0 inches on all sides and a continuous pagination. In addition, how to do a research paper requires referencing to justify the use of previous literatures or knowledge from other scholars. Further, how to do a research paper referencing and in text citation helps in recognizing the efforts made by other academics as well as protecting plagiarism. The materials referred to during the research work documented is generally used in the context of the paper in three ways that include direct quotes used when one uses exact words of the author, paraphrasing when one restates the originals words in his/her words and block quote when a quote is greater than forty words.


The outline and format of an academic paper

In how to do a research paper, the elements of a standard research paper that would earn acceptance by an academic board are:

Title: The title should include a concise and clear statement of the main topic. This may be in form of a hypothesis statement. The title should have a length of not more than 12 words. Abstract section gives a brief and comprehensive summary of the contents of the paper. It gives the reader a quick overview of the content and scope of the paper. Table of contents gives the topics, subtopics and their specific pages in the paper. Introduction: in a good research paper, the section gives a description of the problem the topic and the arguments why it is worth to be undertaken. Literature review develops the background of the topic through review of studied literature and gives an acknowledgement of the scholars who their work forms the basis of the paper. The body describes the methods used in the research, results, and the discussion on the results or outcomes of the research. Conclusion: the conclusion gives the final remarks by explicitly stating the importance and implication of the research. References section gives the list of names of authors, the title of their work, the edition, year, publisher as well as any other relevant detail depending on the format of the academic paper.


However, the format of how to do a research paper may differ depending on the instructions and guidelines by the assessor, the formatting style and the type of research being undertaken. This gives the disparities in the research paper found in the research field. Therefore it is advisable to have a clear understanding of the type or format and the guidelines before starting a research paper.

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