Print Media Demographic Insight

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Print Media Demographic Insight
Advancement in technology and the need to reach the target audience by the advertising companies play a great role in determining the mode of advertisement in the media. Therefore, one of the important factors for an advertiser to consider is to know the places where the target audience could be looking for other information. This is still applicable even after invention of advertising in the internet because the specific audience who the advertiser target sees it for example advertisement in magazines. This is important because the advertiser can capture potential customers even when they are far from their places of work and are relaxing. Advertising in newspapers is also able to capture the attention of the target audience even when they least expect the information (Samantha 4). Advertisement through print media ensures that the services or products in the advert are relevant to the targeted audience in the print. It is also cost effective because the advertiser can negotiate if there is a series of advert to be booked.

Newspaper media in U.S it is allocated about twenty-one percent of all the expenditures in advertisement. Because many people believe in newspapers, the ads in the newspaper rank the highest. Advertisement in the print mass media such as newspaper is excellent because almost everybody relies on it. It is also interactive because the readers can have the details at hand, write on them and even cut out coupons. When it comes to production, print media is flexible because it can be in desired shapes and size and inserts are adjustable to an excellent quality (Sharon 24). The company should use the media and many people believe. Although this is difficult, this should reach the highest number of audience at a low cost. The advertiser should therefore look at both strengths and weaknesses of different media. The company should give itself enough time to make the decision and should consider for its advertisement campaign so that after advertisement it is possible to measure the results.

A company will decide on which print media is best by first considering the print media that is available to it. Companies also consider the cost of a particular print media and the target audience especially the place from where the customers usually look for information. They test a variety of different ads in print media, and measure the results (Scott 15). A company should also seek for advice from marketing professionals who are able to offer a review on print strategies.

Companies should have the ads in specific areas such as at the top of a page where there are other reading matters. The ads can also be on a page where many readers are likely to spend a lot of time reading. Although for a good positioning the cost is high, the longer the readers spend their times in a particular page the better, it is for the advert to reach the reader (Miranda 4). When positioning of an ad is good, the response doubles and sometimes triples. Good positioning should also consider grouping together the ads that are advertising similar things because if this were not the case customers would miss the adverts. A company should also consider the day of the week to advertise and the time the ads for the adverts are running should be the same without changing the places where the adverts was the previous times.

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