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Students of English language Learners (ELL) and other students who are learning English as the second language have a serious challenge as far as communication and learning is concerned. Efficient method of learning English for these families is therefore very important for the students and the teachers. The uses of slates for her phonics lesson as well as word and picture cards are some of the materials and instructional methods that are used to support English language learners.

Phonics instructions are very important in learning English language especially among the Ells community. Unlike other methods of teaching English, phonics instructions and the materials used helps the pupils learn how to use skill knowledge in a strategic manner rather than just knowing about particular skills. In these methods of teaching employed by these two teachers, skills and strategies are usually integrated together into a single learning event. It is also important to note that most of these instructional methods help the students not only to acquire one skill taught, but helps the students incorporate other skills together. This leads to the development of more than one phonic skill and hence increases the efficiency of learning English language.

Instructions also give procedural explanations of the concepts of working with the letters and sounds. This is important since it does not just teach reading or writing, but also teacher’s pronunciations with respect to different vocabularies. This is because this method is most of the time accompanied with a brief teacher demonstrations of the strategy used while writing or reading. These demonstrations are done by the teachers through pictures or other methods of virtual demonstrations that help the students integrate the concepts and appreciate English language.

Instructional methods are therefore very important in supporting the English language learners because through these methods, emphasis is on the application of the strategies learnt during teaching. Applications of the skills learnt are the most important in learning English as it facilitates learning outside the classroom. This is because the students are capable of applying rather than just memorizing the concepts taught in class. Words and picture cards are essential because they do not only address the foundations necessary to achieve literacy and the necessary relations between later and sounds, but also addresses how the students can connect other language resources. These other language resources are also important for the learners since they are essential in the perfection of their skills as writers and readers.

Apart from facilitating teaching English language, these instructional methods especially the use of word cards saves a lot of time for the teachers. This is because it enables teaching the children together, which is important especially when the child is beginning to learn alphabet where close monitoring of the child is necessary. When only the books are used, each child has to be taught separately which results into a lot of inconvenience. However, with the use of these charts and pictures, beginners can be in the same class with the little advanced pupils and both are taught together.

Apart from the use of instructional methods of teaching to support English language learners, teachers can also connect with the culture and families of the students. In this way, the teacher would use those methods that are congruent to the students’ culture. The teacher can as well incorporate the students’ native language and culture as well as introduce different aspects of multicultural literature that are supportive in teaching. When it comes to biliteracy, interactions of the teachers and the families of the ELL children have highly improved the rate in which learners of this language acquire new skill in class.


Students who practice reading, writing, and speaking in their native language and improve native language proficiency at home support their opportunity for developing academic language at school. This enables learners to gain excellent academic proficiency in their own language hence transferring experiences that are more academic. This is only possible through instructional teaching methods that help students acquire both the strategy skills and applications of the content learnt in class amongst them outside the classroom.








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