Atkins Diet: A Miracle Diet

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Atkins Diet: A Miracle Diet

The Atkins diet, which was revolutionalized by Dr. Robert Atkins, brought a lot of hullabaloo as to whether or not the diet was a miracle or a kind of self-destructive kind of diet. This diet was incepted in the year 1972 and since then, it has brought so much controversy especially with the government opposing its use while some of the nutritionists arguing that it is good for health. The debate ranges on one major conflicting issue whether or not it is healthy for the people with the supporters claiming that it is very healthy and an excellent method to lose weight in addition to increasing the overall health. However, opponents base their arguments that the diet ignore the norms accepted across the board and others view it as appealing to the baser habits of humanity in indulging on food that are generally unhealthy. This paper argues that the diet is in no way a health hazard and in essence, it is a panacea to maintaining one’s health and is rated as one of the most popular diets to be ever discovered.

For Sustenance of Weight Loss

According to the creator or the originator of the diet Robert Atkins, the use of the Atkins diet is the easiest way to maintain a person’s weight loss. The argument was that when a person loses his or her weight haphazardly, or when this is done at a low calorie or low fat diet the maintenance is very difficult and at times can be very unmanageable. This is also the case when the diet is liquid protein; and returning to the normal way of doing this can make it possible to lose the weight in very manageable way. This is how eating of the Atkins diet can help in the management of the weight loss and sometimes the weight gains.

Boost Body’s Metabolic Rate

Atkins diet are known to boost the metabolism rate of the body and once this metabolism rate changes, the body on the other hand adjusts to the new way of burning the fat. The body uses the insulin in the control of its use, the storage and the distribution of the energy, and here, it governs the processing of the sugar in the blood. The Atkins diet as well as other kind of low carb diets has come to help in the body metabolism and this is why the diet is said to be of help when it comes to the boosting of the metabolism rate. The Atkins diet helps reduce the carbohydrates and as the reduction of the body, carbohydrates and the body begin to burn the fuel and the fat. With such, it becomes clear that the use of the Atkins diet is not bad as many including the government tend to think of it, and with advantages such as the boosting of the body metabolism, it can only be argued that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The Lowering Of the Insulin Levels

The control of the body carbohydrates has been argued to result to the reduction of the insulin levels in the body, which is advantageous to the working of the body. What is of most importance to keep the body healthy and not suffering from a lot of fat is to make sure that the carbohydrate levels are as low as possible. The control of the carbohydrate nutritional approach is good for the control and the lowering of the insulin levels. Atkins as had been noted earlier results to the control of the carbohydrate, and since the controlled carbohydrates can result to lowered insulin levels, it therefore means that Atkins diet can help in the management of the insulin levels in the body.

Stabilization of the Blood Sugar

Any time we eat diets, which are of the cereal types, fruits and vegetables, the result is that there are fluctuations in the body blood sugar levels. Doctor Atkins notes that lowered carbohydrate intake can enable the body to sustain a good level or even blood sugar the whole day, and with the low carb diet, there can be no hunger pangs. Everybody’s wish is that he or she does not have high blood sugar because this means devastating effects on the body. Therefore, it would be appropriate if the blood sugars in the body are maintained to as low level as possible to avert possible problems in the future. This is what Dr. Atkins proposed when he was coming up with the idea of using the Atkins diet to improve the health of the body and the maintenance of the levels of the blood sugar in the body, and this would generally improve the life of the person.

Addition of Energy to the Body

Every person requires the addition of the body energy, which in essence improves the health of the person. The addition of the energy in the body is a combination of many things, and this means even the eating of healthy food. Atkins diet is one of the ways of adding the energy, and the basis of this is because the diet contains some ingredients that can help in the minimization of chances of getting the diseases, which in result adds energy to the person. With Atkins, a person meets the nutritional needs; and generally, use of Atkins is like consuming wholesome food and the omission of the junk food. As a result, the fatigue level drops, and this is because the pounds drop off. The blood sugar as well as the insulin metabolism drops and people then start feeling good out of this combination.


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