Essay Editing

Essay editing refers to one of the final steps in essay writing where the writer proofreads the essay to correct the mistakes made during the writing. Essay editing is one of the final steps in essay writing and one of the crucial stages in critical essay writing. In essay editing, the writer may focus on different writing mistakes that include format editing, grammar editing, writing style and organisation editing.

In format editing, the writer follows the guidelines and instructions issued on the essay. Among the things that the writer focuses on in essay editing are the citation, numbering of figures, outlines, equations and lists, punctuation lists, the formats of cover page, title page, and reference page, table of contents, page numbering, comparison of tables descriptions and the in text figures and the actual tables. In citation, the writer edits the citations to ensure they meet the required instructions or prescription by the writing style used. In numbering of figures the writer ensures that the figures are consistently numbered to ensure they are consistently numbered. Similarly, he/she does the same for the outlines, equations and lists. In essay editing, the writer also formats the cover page, reference page and title page to ensure that it meets the required instructions. The writer must ensure that the referencing is done in accordance to the style of paper he/she is writing. The writer should also ensure the page numbers are consistent from the first page to the last. If they are not consistent the writer renumbers the page in a consistent way. Finally, in essay editing, the writer may format the tables or their text description to ensure that what is portrayed in the table aligns with the text description.


In grammar, essay editing helps the writer to revisit and make collections in grammar mistakes. The most common grammar mistakes include capitalisation, punctuation, spelling, grammatical errors and abbreviation. In the capitalisation, the writer edits an essay to ensure that upper cases are used at the right places. In punctuations, the writer ensures that all punctuations marks are used in the required places and in the right way. In essay editing, the writer also edits all the grammatical errors such as spelling and misused words. This helps the writer in ensuring that the essay has a flow.  On the writing style, the writer checks the essay to ensure that it meet all the styles required. Here, the writer focuses on the wording, misused words, tone, and target audience level of language and text flow. In target audience level of language the writer tries to balance his/her language to match that of the audience. If the target audience has a high level of language, the writer should ensure that the language used in the essay matches their language and similarly to the audience with low level of language. In essay editing, the writer further should focus on the special terms and foreign words to ensure that they are used in the right places and in the right way.  In essay editing, the writer also corrects the wrong wording and misused words.


On organisation, the writer evaluates the essay logic and unity through proofreading. He also focuses on paragraph structure to ensure it is consistent in the whole paper. He/she also ensures that there are no confusing sections in the essay and the contents of the essay give clarity to the thesis statement. He also ensures that the headings are well written and following the instructions. Essay editing helps in improving the quality of an essay. This ensures that an essay has the right flow and captures the readers’ interest. In most cases easy editing is done by a team of professional writers who give the services at a certain cost.

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