Describe Diversity and Explain Why It Matters

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Describe Diversity and Explain Why It Matters
The American airline has been rated as the fourth largest airline in the world in terms of revenue earned and passengers transported. For the airline to carry out its role effectively and for it to be a global leader in airline industry then diversity becomes essential. To maintain diversity the airline does not discriminate on its employee and therefore it has staff members from all the different background in the world. Diversity of the airline therefore becomes essential in maintaining its leadership position in the globe (Anderson and Billings-Harris, 2010).
What are the special challenges that the dimension of surface-level diversity pose for managers
Although to the American airline, diversity has been the way to do their business and their strength it poses some challenges especially to the managers. The issues with differences in race, gender, religion, age and place of origin have always been a challenge to the managers especially when it comes to decision making. In fact, the surface-level diversity forms the initial base for categorization of workers by the management and this affects negatively the decision made (Williams, 2006).

Explain How the Dimensions of Deep-Level Diversity Affect Individual Behavior and Interaction in the Workplace
Deep level diversity is demonstrated through the difference in personalities among people. Deep level diversity will therefore be demonstrated through differences in attitude, beliefs, and values (Williams, 2006). These differences can therefore lead to better understanding among members of a common group and hence promote interaction.
Explain the Basic Principles and Practices That Can Be Used To Manage Diversity
Although diversity is an asset to the American airline, the value of diversity can only be realized through effective management. The common practices that can be used in the management of diversity in the workplace are organizing socialization forums such as retreats, through diversity workshop and hiring of diverse staff. Promoting diversity is therefore the fundamental principal that can be applied to promote diversity (Siemens, 2011)

Explain the Role That Perception Plays In Communication and Communication Problems
People (Mark, 2011) describe perception as the process of interpreting and retaining of information. Perception therefore has an important role to play in communication. To begin with, it will determine how people understand the message passed to them and hence affect the decisions they make. Perception will also determine how people will assign value to the different messages they receive.

Describe The Communication Process And The Various Kinds Of Communication In Organization
Communication is the process of passing information from one person or party to another person or party. Communication in an organization can be in various forms depending on the suitability. It can therefore be in the form of chain command, written communication, gossips and informal group work (Marquis, Huston, 2008).
Explain How Managers Can Manage One-On-One Communication Effectively
One-on-one communication is an important and a common form of communication in the work place. Despite being common, this can sometimes disrupt working and therefore there is need for its management. The managers can design and implement rules aimed at controlling this form of communication among staff members.
Discuss the Kinds of Productivity And Their Importance In Managing Operations
Note taking, task management and project management can describe production. This kind of productivity facilitates the management of operations in a company.
Explain the Role That Quality Plays In Managing Operation
Quality plays an important role in operation management. It ensures that the services of the company meet the required standards and hence the work of the managers is made easy (Bassett, 1992)

Explain the Essentials of Managing A Service Business
Management ensures that all factors of production are brought together in an organized manner in order to achieve the companyâEUR(TM)s goals.
Describe the Different Kind Of Manufacturing Operation
The various kind of manufacturing operations are production, processing, packaging and marketing.
Explain Why and How Companies Should Manage Inventory Levels
Companies should manage their inventory in order to cut cost and maximize profit. Inventory can be managed through purchase of products that are of the right quality and quantity (Merchantos, 2011)

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