Technology Management

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Technology Management

Many organizations are turning to innovation as well as putting sufficient management of the technology. These technologies have translated to improvement of services in those organizations and this has led ATAP Inc to have a major decline in profit and loosing of its competitive advantage in the market. It has become imperative that the organization also improve on its management of the technologies lest it losses its stand in the market. Betz (2011) writes that with good management of the technology in an organization, there is probability of even reducing the overall costs of production and improvement of the customer service.  Khosrow-Pour (2006) adds that reorganization of technology department would go in line with improvement of product or services offered by the company. However, it has become difficult to manage because partly this involves improving or coming up with new ones every now and then.

Improving Technology Management

The company has slightly over 1000 employees, and with 25 departments to be managed, it is quite an uphill task to make sure that technology is utilized to the maximum in the organization. However, a number of things would have to be done in the organization to improve the productivity of the organization and overall the technology management. One of the reasons that have been cited as the leading cause for poor technology management is lack of training and improvement of the existing technology in the organization. Therefore, as the company goes ahead with effective management of the organizational technology, training of all of the employees would have to be effected among other strategies.

Training of Employees

Baker (2007) is candid that the only way to improve the management of anything technological in the organization is by training the employees regularly. Currently, the organization does not train its employees in addition to sustaining the old forms of technology. The reason why there has not been sufficient training of the employee is the fear of costs for doing this and the fact that the technology that is in the organization dates back to the year 1995. The employees who come in the organization tend to leave as soon as they set the foot in the organization, and some of them have cited low technology and manual kind of work in the organization. With 1000 employees in the organization, the best form of training that can counter the negative effects of the current form of management is by dividing them into groups. For six months, the whole lot of the employees should be retrained in the organization and leaving at least one month of enough evaluation. Each month would have 200 employees trained thoroughly in the organization and the training would not be done in the company rather consult a training company for the purpose.

Technological Innovations

Apart from training of employees in the company, new forms of technology are needed in the company. Particularly, the company still has the technology that was put in the year 1995, and no management has made some efforts of upgrading the technology. For example, the computers still are Pentium I, which cannot support the new operating systems and Microsoft offices. According to Cooper (2009), key to any organizational improvement is by analyzing the market and come up with the latest form of technology that is in line with what is produced by the company. About ATAP Company, the improvement of technology would involve upgrading the computers or doing away with the current ones and adopt the newest form of computers in the market. Buying and installing of the computers would be done in the first month before commencing the training of the employees. Suthersanen (2007) conquers with the idea of putting new forms of technology and making sure that all relevant employees are trained with the new forms of technology.

Timeline for Replenishing Technology and Employee Training

Month one: New technology would be bought and installed while 200 employees approximately from five departments would be trained.

Month two: The first batch of 200 employees would be released to train with the new installed technology while the second 200 employees would be shown how to work with the new computers/technology theoretically.

Month three: The third 200 employees would undergo thorough training while at the same time; the second batch of employees would be trained to use the technology practically.

Month four: The fourth group of 200 employees would be given theoretical aspects of the new technology especially on how to use them. At the same time, the third batch of the 200 employees would be given the practical aspects of the technology

Month five: The fifth group of 200 employees would be given the theoretical and practical knowledge of the use of the technology while at the same time; the fourth group would be given the practical aspects.

Month six: All groups would have evaluations on the knowledge both practical and theory on the use of the technology and testing of how relevant the training has been.


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