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Essay Writing

Essay writing is the most common requirement in schools and it can also be considered as the most challenging thing to do. The long years that all students have to endure in schools - six to seven years in elementary years, four years in high school and another four or more years in college. With all these years, it can be expected that a minimum of three essay writing activities will be tasked to each and every student. At least twice a year they have to be involved in writing an essay.


Students may be wondering, what do teachers get from giving students tons of essay writing assignments? There are different ways on how teachers can ask their students to write the essay.

It can be through:

1. Reflection paper/essay on certain phenomenon, current event or issue;


2. Report or summary of a certain reading material;


3. Essay about the students' personality, characters or views towards life and whole lot more.


It should be noted that teachers do not give essay writing tasks just for the sake of giving assignments to the students. They do this because:

Essay writing shows students' understanding of the topic.

A two to three page essay towards one specific topic will already highlight how students perceive it and what they think about it. If the academic essay writing is about a particular reading material, then the teachers will be able to verify if the students really read the material and understood it. If it is about various phenomenon or current events, the essay writing activity will then show if the students are up-to-date with what is going on with the environment and how concerned they are with what has been going on.


Essay writing reflects the students' ability to write coherently and/or creatively.

With the varied topics that teachers use to give to each student, the students have to show their essay writing skills: that he/she can write on each topic with much ease. He/she has to show that he/she knows how to organize thoughts logically. The students must also show abilities in choosing the right thesis statements and proper use of words and sentences in every paragraph of the whole essay paper.


Aside from these all, students must show creativity in each stage of the process of writing an essay he/she has to pass. He/she must use imagination, put the pictures in mind into words and write it down in a creative fashion.

Essay writing works show the students' fluency in the use of English or any other language for that matter.

This is the very reason why writing an essay is really a part of every English subject. Students of whatever nationality needs to show capabilities in using English comprehensibly. At the same time, they too need to show that they can use their own languages (e.g. Chinese, French, Japanese, Tagalog etc.) also in a coherent way, may it be in writing essays, reading or speaking.

Many ESL teachers also see to it to assign an essay writing work to the students almost every week so that the students can practice using the language spontaneously. Not only the use of words is being criticized but also the very construction of each sentences (the use of different tenses, the nouns and pronounce or even the most basic subject-verb agreement).


From the above-shown standpoint, it should be realized that there are a lot of things at stake in a seemingly simple critical essay writing project. So no students should just disregard this. Every student has to take critical essay writing projects seriously and put every effort they can master in submitting the works according to the teachers' high standards. But how can the students do that? With all other projects and activities that they have to attend to everyday plus all the personal and family matters that they must also take into consideration, it cannot be denied that critical essay writing projects or any other projects like narrative essay writing or argumentative essay writing are most of the time put in the last among the lists of things that must be done. In some instances, students would opt to do essay writing haphazardly, without giving full attention to it. This is the reason why they flunk their grades in this particular project, and of course would also affect their overall ratings at the end of the semester.


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