Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Strategies

As the world continues to advance in most of its operations due to technological advancements, there have been a number of emerging trends whereby more and more marketers, product developers and service providers have been looking keenly at all the existing marketing strategies and giving them a slight touch in order to improve marketing practices. That being the case, it would be necessary to come up with better solutions and answers that would help us understand some of the changes being encountered today in the marketing of products and services. This paper approaches all the four major questions from an argumentative point of view, which entirely depends on my personal thoughts and knowledge, and hence may vary with any other person’s ideas. 

Question 1: The Importance of Gifts to a Teacher and Job Matching

It will be agreeable that services are usually something personal and in that case, a service will definitely vary in terms of the consumer evaluation. This is to say that different consumers or customers will have different opinions for that particular service offered to them. Following the above argument, it would be necessary to look at how these two will correlate with each other. Unlike servers and waiters, or even hair stylists, we realise that it cannot be possible to thank our teachers with money for the services they have given us. Somebody may argue that such teachers are paid by the government or by their employers, but that would not justify the worth of such payments (Kotler & Keller, 2006). It would be necessary, therefore, to think and try to explain why children and students will give their teachers gifts as a show and recognition of the good services that have been offered to the students by such teachers.

In order to get this right, we would be required to think from the personal aspect of service relationship. Giving a teacher, a gift, from a psychological point of view, indicates a sense of appreciation and a bigger ideal. This is the same way when one gives a gift to somebody. Such a gift is believed to give a bigger impression to the person’s heart than money or anything else. This can be explained as follows: when one is given money, such money may get lost or be used for other purposes, but such money will not have a bigger impact in the person since very soon he or she may not be able to account for it. On the other hand, when we look at a present, we see that it will create a bigger impression in the person, and an impression, which is long lasting than money or anything else. In addition, history has indicated that presents and gifts have a bigger impact to the soul of a person that anything else. That way, students would try to give their teachers such gift as a way of appreciation, a simple appreciation, yet very significant (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Also, the durability of education as a service offered to the child is as life itself, hence some pieces of coins won’t be justice at all, but the good will and appreciation exists in that particular gift. Going back to the waiter, his service is short-lived and hence the short-lived money will be smartly appropriate for him. Some jobs are hard to evaluate and they are rendered as services, while those jobs, which can be categorised or dealing with goods, are easy to evaluate.

Question 2: Job Matching Service

When it comes to job matching in finding people jobs, my team will carry out dome procedures in order to make it more personal in ordering, ease, delivery, customization, offering, employee training, and customer consulting. This would involve re-grouping of our people looking for a job into groups depending on the experiences and their anticipated jobs. This means that all people will be given training as employees depending on their qualifications and the jobs they would be comfortable with. In order to have effective delivery and customization of offering, it would be necessary that we have such people being trained in different localities whereby they would be comfortable to work and live (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Also, we will also integrate the use of the internet so as to improve effectiveness and by so doing achieve what is called customer consultations. They will be able to send mails, which will be replied clearly by our recruited secretaries.

Question 3: Product Development and Marketing

It is well understood that large plasma screens or LCD TVs will use lesser electricity as compared to the large panel TVs. Recently, California passed a regulation for all TV manufacturers to cut down energy consumption by 50 percent. Nevertheless, it is well understood that the quality of the picture on the TV screen and contrast is what consumes most of the energy. In order to come up with a better TV which uses less energy and in line with the marketing perspective, the development of such a new product should be driven by need at hand (Kotler & Keller, 2006). There should be some resident in the global marketing concepts which should be addressed. This means that the product to be developed should be able to attend to the already stated needs, which here are to reduce energy consumption and at the same time be able to exploit all the existing market opportunities. The TVs to be produced should therefore be sellable to the customer by ensuring that they have better picture quality and contrast and at the same time be able to conserve energy (Benyus, 2002).

Once my team has been able to produce a TV technology, which is conforming to the energy conservation requirement and still giving the same high quality performance, it would be necessary to come up with better marketing strategies, which would be useful in the marketing of our product. The first strategy would involve the development and documentation of good and workable marketing plans and strategies, which would be useful in the marketing of such a product (Benyus, 2002). In addition, it would be necessary to align ourselves with the key customers who would be willing to buy this product. This can be achieved with the right channels to our customers throughout our sales departments. There will also be the use of proper sale-aids, which are put at the right place. The other important method in ensuring that our new TV will sell is by the use of the right prices while distributing the product to the right people (Philip, 2008). We will also come up with strong advertisements strategies, which would help the people, understand why they would need such an item for their home use. Finally, it would be appropriate that we coach our sales team, empower them and integrate all our sales channels so that we can ensure that they have greatly excelled in reaching all our customers around the world (Benyus, 2002). Generally, it would be necessary that we use the strategies of Product, Placement, Price and Promotion. Such P`s are greatly important in all marketing strategies.

Question 4: Job Matching and Differentiation Elements

Branded services can be differentiated in many ways. In our already developed job match, there are three major differentiation elements. The first one is the pricing element for such service. This is so because the price of the service is what would elevate the service from its banal surroundings or may be lower its marketing strategy. Therefore, it would be worth agreeing that the price of the service is one of the major differentiation elements (Philip, 2008). It will apply to the work force as well as the price at which such people would be made available in the job match service. In addition, looking at availability, we will agree that it is the other most important differentiation element for job matching service. This is so because it will facilitate marketing of the services and bring confidence to our employees. This is because such matching will be done depending on the service availability. Another one is the people, or the employees. The human aspect in any given service or marketing ideology will always give reverence to the labor involved hence determining the success of the service as well as the gains. This means that the people behind this service would be the reason behind element differentiation hence resulting in the success of the branded service. Since this is a job match service, we will agree that pricing, people or employee aspect, experience and the availability of such personnel are important differentiation elements.

Article Review: Change in the P’s with Pharmaceutical Marketers

Over the years, marketers dealing with pharmaceutical products have been relying entirely on a different set of Ps, only until recently when things have been changing. According to the article provided, the marketers have been using these four Ps: Product, Placement, Price and Promotion. This entailed the development of a product, place it within a distribution channel, set the price and finally promote it through physician events. This has been changing over the years hence bringing about a new breed of Ps. Such a change in these Ps can be attributed to the fact that the demand that was existing has not been working for now. Because of desire in information and education, we have come up with different set of these Ps. These comprise of Predictive Modeling and here the future behaviour is used to give the pharmaceutical marketers the insight they would need to know and here communication will be customized to address all variables. Then there is Personalization where imagery and messaging are adopted to enhance relevance. Finally, the last of the Ps is Patient Participation, which is typically limited to networking and communication of modern support groups via online chats, forums and web communities. This is so because people are nowadays interested in learning and sharing.

According to me, I will agree with this article in the change of these operational Ps when it comes to the marketing of pharmaceutical products. This is so because health has become more or less personal and the reason people would like having direct linkages with the product developers so that such a product may not cause injuries or harm on them. Also, the issue of technological advancements has also played a major role in all these marketing strategy changes in the recent years. Generally, we have emerging changes in all marketing technologies, this can be entirely attributed to technology as more, and more people begin to appreciate such technology (Philip, 2008). Therefore, it would be necessary that there is a way at which all marketers would incorporate all marketing strategies in coming up with workable marketing strategies, hence improving all their income or gains.




















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