University Magazine Report

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University Magazine Report


Conventional wisdom has it that nothing is more successful than ideas, yet compiling and putting together pieces fittingly to constitute a University Magazine is not an easy road. There is much more than meet the eye. To begin with, getting a hump with regard to what should be put on paper is imperative. It could be interesting individual experience story that could capture the attention. Probably one could have been associated in a department constituting unique material that would be published through a how- to article. It could be teachings that someone has compiled from biblical teachings or through interviews in the event that first hand information is missing. Before embarking on this journey, it is elementary to determine the audience. What publications will employ these articles? Nonetheless, individual writers are coupled with rejection and projects that are never put in print. The enhancement of volumetric publication could be done on assignments. Identifying of magazines within reach is an important aspect, then scrutinizing and borrowing concrete ideas is necessary as they enhance the odds of publicity. Magazine writing entails massive research reviews, the writing of a question letter in itself is a preamble documenting of an article is penning remarks. This Opening remarks are meant to construct a thrilling introductory story. The basis is making the article rather more palatable. It has been argued that good writing is rewriting, so myriad questions ought to be considered: is it sensible enough? Are there missing sections? Can some stories be documented with more passion and in black and white? The article should also be oriented and that it should motivate its readers to action. Sweep through the article and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. You would be amazed to know how many articles are submitted for publication with typing errors and simple grammatical mistakes. In need be then one might allow a friend or a contemporary writer to go through the article critically and compliment at the same time and of course give the complements. In most cases the editor is in charge of the published article, soaking up criticism like a sponge is not a wise move instead the consideration of every comment is prospective in augmenting to the well being of the magazine. Much as there are many ways to skin a rat, writing of an article has no formulae at all, since myriad articles emanate from different sources and in this case original in nature. The manuscripts therefore have to be professionally presented in a double space and typed with good margins. Individual authors have to discover their position with words. This procedure takes sacrifice and making a move. It also incorporates being rejected although through persistence one overcomes. Finally, the submission of the material for publication is important. This also requires that the editor’s connection to the paper be highlighted on the cover page. The affiliation underscores the professional gesture, so one should genuine in whatever information that one imparts. The willingness to make changes should also be highlighted. Pictures taken from students, lecturers and staff should be incorporated in the magazine for it helps to capture the eyes of the reader for they act as enhancers. This is quite vital when it comes to marketing of the magazine; a well-written magazine, which integrates graphics, will secure market niche resulting to great sales volume.


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