New Dubai Hospital

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New Dubai Hospital

The health sector is one of the most crucial of all the sectors required for the development of an economy, and therefore, any country’s management that invests a lot in the health of the people actually invests in the best resource in the world; the human resource.  The coming up with the New Dubai Hospital could be said to be the best thing that happened during the 1970’s which was responding to tremendous growth of the population during that period in the larger Indian nation. This public hospital was built in the year 1977 as a specialized institution in Dubai.  By the year 1983, the hospital had already started admitting patients and this was to augment the health services, which could be said, were little before the coming of this hospital.  Even up to the present day, the hospital provides services in large scale and especially the health services that concern special cases.  The hospital has departments as well as clinics and it is known to be one of the cardiology center on which has been noted to be a quality transformation of the general health care services.  This paper analyzes this hospital as one of the service industry in United Arabs Emirates on how it has made to emerge a winner in the provision of the health care services in the country.  

Illustrate How the Selected Service Organization has Implemented Successful Strategies for Managing Demand?

The hospital has accomplished a number of things in the field of the medical specializations and mostly, the following are the areas are major concentrations that the hospital has made to make marks; the Anesthesia, Orthopedic, pediatric, obstetrics, physiotherapy, urology, endocrinology, oncology, E.N.T, Nuclear medicine, the medical physics, Nephrology, Rheumatology and the radiology.  This only means that the organization has made good its promises to get the acts together and focused to provide quality; and as well, there are strong indications that the company has put strong strategies to make sure that the organization accomplishes what it has set as the milestones.

As the website states, “A man has two choices, either to be a follower or to show initiative, and we greatly desire to be pioneers”.  From this and the accomplishments that have been made by this hospital, it is clear that the hospital has put up strong strategies and that is why it can only afford to lead rather than following.  Another statement in the website reads, “We have to make history and approach the future with steady steps, not wait for the future to come to us.” In essence, it means that the organization does not take anything lightly; rather, anything that constitutes the whole organization including the customer care support is made to make history for itself and with this, the organization becomes more effective.  That is why the organization has made to offer quality services ranging from cardiac, surgical, nuclear, health card, customer satisfaction assurance, dental services and the radiology services among others.  Perhaps what is most eye catching is the customer care support where the organization can be argued to be one of the organizations in United Arabs Emirates that have made to provide good customer care services (Segal-Horn, 2010).



The above is a representation of the support processes that helps in the addition of value to the organization, and which in essence cannot be ignored when it comes to the management of the organization.  On organization support processes, Hartline (2004) writes that there are services that range from the technical information in the organization to the information that help in bringing in a cohesive relationship between the players in the organization.  From this organization, a number of things can be noted to be good; and the most visible include the customer support, the government support, the implementation of motivation theories to the employees, a lot of employee support, a good employee-employer relationship and in general, the good public relations.  However, the organization cannot work in a vacuum, and that is why the company has set to adhere strictly to the rule and the regulations that are set to manage such as sector and this makes the organization stay away from the possible conflict with the relevant authorities and mostly the government, which owns the organization.  Therefore, all of the support services that have been analyzed in the representation form the strategies that have been utilized a lot in the organization and as would be discussed next, they are the drive behind the successes that have been made in the organization and its good standing.

Illustrate How the Selected Service Organization has Implemented Successful Strategies for Managing Capacity?

As noted earlier, the organization has made it well in the market competition because of the strategies that may not actually describe the common known methodologies, but the techniques that are commonly ignored in the organization.  In most of it, it is organizational support, and the biggest notion that comes in the discussion of organization support is the management doing everything so that the others can follow.  However, what is noted of this organization is a kind of organizational support that comes from virtually all quarters. For example, the government support, the private support, the support from within and without and this as a whole constitute good management.  The government support is from the executive or the government agencies that run the health sector and just by adhering strictly to the rules governing this sector, the organization makes to get the favors of the organization, and this is a positive attitude when it comes to the management of any organization.  According to Brown (2010), organizational support can also be said to be the participants’ support and this means that everybody who has a direct or an indirect link to the organization has a duty to support the organization.

As of the New Dubai Hospital, the participants are drawn from all quarters, and some of them are the most ignored like the employees and the customers.  For example, in most cases, the employees’ advice is ignored when making a product and in essence, these are the rightly placed persons when it comes to development of any strategy.  This is because they are the persons who are involved in the day today work and for a health sector, the hospital employees know their customers or the patients and know what is good for the patients.  If the support only comes from the top management, some of the essential things would be ignored and what would result is a kind of management that only looks one way in total disregard of what is supposed to be done.


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