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New Zealand's Youth Hostels takes you through recent updates about the New Zealand Youth Hostels. Supposing you are in New Zealand and you wanted an affordable accommodation where you can interact with people from various parts of the world especially during dinner; it is important to ask yourself which hotel suits such a personal need. This is important because the value of any trip is determined by the opportunities to meet new friends and socialize with them. If you are in New Zealand and you are, asking yourself such a question then the first answer is communal hostel that provides such an atmosphere. In this hostel, it is easy to interact with Americans, Australians, Japanese, Canadians and British citizens. You may also find Germans and Danes and new Zealanders. Most of the people you will find on holidays in this hostel are there for the first time after completing their studies while others are there on either their third or fourth visit. It is also possible to find those who have retired and want to go and engage in physical activities such as cycling in areas such as south Island to keep their bodies fit (Hughes 157).
While I was on holidays in Queenstown hostel, I happened to meet Don and Jean, my friends now, and we had a lot of excitement until people thought we were mad. From the experiences we had in meeting people from diverse regions and interacting with them, we vowed ever to visit at least once in a year just to see these friends and socialize with them. The Queenstown hostel is simply spectacular, with a nice location at the shore of Lake Wakatipu, which offers a nice viewpoint to the nearby mountains. These mountains are rugged and remarkable for any tourist, regardless of how many times one has been to that place. The place is a choice for many tourists because it provides leisure and adventurous opportunities as well as beautiful sceneries such as flowing water (Hughes 157).
As one tends towards north at Mt Cook, there is a youths' hostel association project that is underway. A large hostel that is specially designed is replacing the old one and before long, it will be operational. Mt Cook is a major tourist attraction as it is the tallest mountain in New Zealand. Another important factor that makes this mountain a major tourist attraction is that you do not need to be a climber to enjoy the beautiful sceneries such as the parks. With the assistance of the rangers, one can get all the suggestions of the best walks on the mountain (Hughes 157).
Westland National park that is located across the Southern Alps is one of the best experiences. Franz Josef and Fox Glaziers that are the major centers of attractions characterize the national park, as they are strategically located just a few meters above sea level. A short ride from these features takes you to other very nice hostels in New Zealand whose manger has retained his fame by ensuring there are always the best waffles and ice creams, which are liked as a treat after dinner. These dishes are renowned for their ability to restore energy lost during the walk on the mountains. The mountains located on the south Island are a favorite of many tourists as they have the best hostels for all sort of tourist regardless of their individual needs for their holidays. For the tourists who are on look out for a lazy-beach stay where they can sunbathe and swim, they have a very nice choice in this place. It is also possible for the tourist to dive and sail while being accommodated in this hostels. The coastline is 100 kilometers and this offers a good choice for every tourist on the activities to engage in while on holidays. At the north of Auckland is a bay of Island, which has a variety of sea sports. At this Bay, two hostels serve tourist, one at the town of Kerikeri and the other at whangaroa harbor. At the Kerikeri hostels, a company offers cheap boat services at a discounted rate of 30 NZ per head. At whangaroa harbor, there are good hostels with good viewpoint (Hughes 157).
Rotorua is another famous hostel that offers bubbling hot pools and geysers and it is located at the middle of the town of whakarewarewa thermal reserve and the hot pools. For a tourist to access the area, one can either use a bicycle or hire a bus. These hostels are networked with major cities whereby for example, Auckland has a suburban hostel and an inner city and two island hideaways. The transport and the capital center, Wellington is characterized by an inner city hostel while on the other hand Christchurch has a home hostel and a town base. Scottish city on the other hand has glad hostels, which are characterized by small bedrooms as well as three living rooms (Hughes 157).
For anyone who has visited New Zealand, regardless of whether it is for a short time or several months, there are a good deal of affordable hostels which though cheap are comfortable as they have good laundry, bathrooms and kitchen facilities. You only need to shop for food and this is even easy as most hostels have shops within where one can buy food. If one would like to know more about hostels in New Zealand, he or she can contact youth hostels association national office using their physical address P.O Box 436, Christchurch, New Zealand (Hughes 157).
Unlike all the other courses that I have taken in this module, this particular course is in my future career and in my life as a student. The course is also basic for my future studies that I hope to take at the end of the program. For this reasons, I have specific goals that I intend to achieve at the end of this course. Secondly, I need to score the best grades possible and that is my next reasons for having precise goal. The following are some of the goals in this study and the complete personal statement that I need to be true. This implies that the goals I have included in the personal statement will be achieved within the set deadlines. Secondly, the goals set in the personal statement must be achieved in good time and according to the planned expenditure (Cox and Goldratt 87). I also consider that I have limited resources and therefore my personal goals should be within the set limit. Some of the goals in the statement also require a combined effort and therefore I consider collaboration with the concerned parties as very important. I need to work alongside my tutors and my fellow students in order to achieve some of the goals in my personal goals statement.
Personal Goals Statement
1. To begin with, exams are very important in my life as a student and therefore passing my exam forms the first priority in my goals. Passing an exam is not an easy task and therefore there is need for preparation in any exam. Secondly, passing an exam requires knowledge on how my tutors want the set questions to be answered. I need to have the knowledge required in handling the presented exams and this implies that I have to read and consult widely.
2. Having knowledge requires that I read my lecture notes and all other reading materials provided by the lecturer. To get the required knowledge I also need to consult a lot and this requires me to ask questions concerning the course from my tutors and my fellow students. Thirdly, I need to participate in class discussions and any fieldwork undertaking presented in for the class by my lecturers and course instructors. Finally, to acquire knowledge I require experience and this implies that I have to practice the knowledge that I have acquired. Practicing the knowledge that I have acquired requires me to do a lot of practice in order to develop my skills of handling questions (Cox and Goldratt 101).
3. By the end of the module, I should be able to handle questions presented by the lecturer in the class. I should also be able to assist my fellow students when answering any difficult question presented in the class.
4. Techniques are also important in tackling class work questions and exams and therefore I need to acquire the right techniques for handling questions. Skills are of equal importance and therefore I intend to develop the correct study skills and exam skills.
5. Finally, understanding is an important skill since it determines my success as a student and in tackling my exam. I therefore need to develop my understanding capabilities and listening skills.
Reflective Goals
1. These goals are intended to measure my rate in achievement of the goals indicated as studentship goals.
2. I need to have the ability to evaluate my achievements by the end of each lesson
3. To have the ability to measure the rate at which I can achieve the set goals within the period provided.
4. By the end of each lecture, I should be able to evaluate the new ideas I have learnt and the new skills I have acquired.
5. By the end of the module, I should be able to reflect and determine the new problem solving skills that I have acquired for the entire study period.
Compared to other portfolio that I have prepared before, this is a unique portfolio since it focuses on my entire life as a student and life after my student career. The portfolio begins with an introduction that highlights the importance of the portfolio. Secondly, the portfolio presents the statements of my personal goals that mainly focus on my academic goals. In this section, I have indicated all the goals I need to achieve at the end of each study period and this include the end of each lecture and the end of each module. Secondly, the portfolio highlights my reflective goals, which are the measures or tools that I need to evaluate my achievements and success in the goals indicated previously. In this section, I have included all factors that I need to observe in order to determine my success rate in my academic goals. These goals also determine the necessary measures that I need to apply in order to determine my success rate in the other goals. The measures included are qualitative and therefore they depend on my ability to measure success.
The second section in this portfolio is an overview of the portfolio that I have presented the content of the portfolio. This section therefore highlights the contents of the portfolio by indicating the timeframe work within which the set goals should be achieved.
The next section on the portfolio is my personal reflection concerning the portfolio and in this section, I have included my thoughts concerning my knowledge and experience in this course. This section also tackles my progress in the course and a reflection on my work in the entire module.
Finally, the portfolio presents my cloze reading tests that present my assignments for the entire module. The final section on the portfolio is a personal reflection that includes my personal feeling and thoughts concerning my assessment for the entire course and on my personal goals. The personal reflection also considers the difficulties that I have encountered throughout my entire course by indicating my areas of weakness and strengths. Finally, I consider my final exam results and the expected progress in the entire module of my studies.
Reflection on the Portfolio
Throughout this module, I have learnt many things as indicated in my portfolio and personal goals. Through my studies, I have learnt that instructions are very important and they determine success in my exams and entire student life. Secondly, I have learnt that following instruction is the most important part in the entire instruction process and this implies that procedures are very important. The next important thing that I have learnt concerning instructions is that instructions need to be followed as stated and this implies that the given instructions should not be altered in any way whatsoever and they should be used as indicated by the tutor or lecturer.
Secondly, I have learnt that the knowledge of one individual might be insufficient and therefore there is need to enquire about something that I do not know well. This implies that I need to consult widely from both my tutors and my fellow students. I have also learnt that a good student is an inquisitive student and a student who consult widely and therefore I intend to consult widely for the entire course.
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