The Domestication of Wood in Haiti

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The Domestication of Wood in Haiti

Generally, Haiti is a region riddled with various problems, but as per our discussion, deforestation is becoming a major problem, which needs to be tackled urgently. People, and often the tree lovers and the tourists often leave the country having been upset by the kind of deforestation that has been done in the country. It is hurting in the country, as people no longer visit the serene areas, which could even harbor wildlife. The colonials regarded it as an opportunity to cut down the trees, as they did not value them. In fact, wood was seen as a major commodity that could have been used to make life better, but this was done in total ignorance that once you cut down, you have left uncovered area and rainfall would become rare. The increase in population is also posing a great danger to the forest, and as a measure, it is recommended that people put their efforts to not only preservation, but also on replenishing the forest.

Other issues that are emerging include the raging problem of poverty that is making people turn places as areas to garner what they can for food purposes. For example, when there is severe poverty, people can turn their efforts to cutting down the trees and burn the charcoal, and these people have little time to plant new seedlings as a measure to protect. As noted earlier, poverty when combined with overpopulation poses a greater problem. The measures that could help in this are for the agencies that are concerned with environmental conservation to have awareness campaign in educating people on the high needs to conserve the environment. Concentration would be on measures that locals can take to make their lives better and do to their capacities to replenish the forest.

However, there are measures, which are already on the ground that are being used for the purposes of reforestation. These efforts are not only emanating from the locals and the government, but also from international interested parties, whose concerns are purely world environment. The groups are set to break the vicious cycle and more so provide amenities that are lacking and driving people to cutting down trees for their upkeep. One of those partners could be noted to be the USAID (United States Agency for International Development. After several years of being outside the nation, the agency is coming as a way of helping and re-establishing itself as a concerned partner. It integrates agriculture with other forms of helping and its funding are purely from government of United States. Since then, the locals have been encouraged to take care of their environment by taking part in these campaigns and the activities that are aimed at putting back what have been lost.

As well, there is what is called the technical strategy, and this aim at making available to the farmers or the peasants to grow trees such as the Leucaena Leucocephala, Azadirachta indica, Cassia siamea and Eucalyptus camaldulensi. This is because these trees are result resistant and therefore can withstand the perennial lack of rain in the area. There is also the use of nursery system that helps produce lightweight micro seedlings. This project is boosted by the provision of a pick up that could transport as many seedlings as possible to areas that are in high need. Another strategy is by the project that helps incorporate the physical juxtaposition of crops and trees and this is where the trees are plated in some large unbroken mono-cropped stands.


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