Album Review

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Album Review

Study Books Used in Class:

Reading: The required text is, What’s That Sound: An Introduction to Rock and Roll and Its History, John Covach, Third Edition (W.W. Norton & Company, 2012)

It is easy to get behind in the summer session due to its brevity. I recommend reading each week’s assignments and listening to each weeks music list a week in advance.

Description: You may review any rock CD currently available on that does not currently have more than 60 “customer reviews”. Your review must be ca. 300 words so that it can be graded before you “publish” it on Reviews should emulate the “Editorial Reviews” available on but must include some discussion of how the album is shaped as a musical whole. The CDs reviewed must be artistically constructed as “albums”; that is, the following types of CDs are not acceptable, because the original group had little or no input on the ultimate contents and order of songs on the CD:


- “best of…” reissues;

- compilations of any kind (e.g. “Motown in the Sixties”);

- movie soundtracks


If in doubt, please ask.

Please note: if you want to do this, you will need to acquire your CD early in the quarter, in order to be able to have time to write about it. Album choices must be approved.

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