Religious studies: Jesus & Mohammed

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Religious studies: Jesus & Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed have all shaped our religion history as well as destiny for the people who subscribe to the beliefs about the two people.  In the mention of Jesus and Mohammed, the center is on the differences and similarities that exist between Christianity and Islam where the two religions are noted to be the most dominant in the world.  Essentially, Christianity occupies 1.8 billion people while Islam religion takes close to 1 billion of the world population. Out of the possible 6 billion people, it can therefore be noted that the two religions combined take more than 45% of the world’s population with other religions sharing the rest.  As well, the two religions have a global presence; that is, virtually every other nation in the world has representative of the two religions.  This paper analyzes the comparisons and the contrasts that exist in the lives of the two great people in the history of the religions they represent and how their deaths are sung across the nations.

The lives of Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus Christ

The definition of Jesus Christ can be given as the son of the living God, a savior and the liberty of the Christians.  The kind of history for this historical person is a dogma that was forced by the Roman Empire to all provinces and this is when Constantine converted to the Christian beliefs.  According to Braithwaite (2011), Jesus Christ strikes as a super person who came to this earth to liberate his people; the people who were brought on this earth by his father, the living God, and whose life here on earth is marked by both realities and myths.  Born of a Virgin Mary, Jesus gathered 12 famous disciples who were later to become the pillar of the Christian church and whose works are replicated in the present day as righteous.  However, his death marks his whole history as a person who died for the liberation of the sins of the humankind.  By His death, the curse of death was defeated and by knowing God by heart, all people are destined to inherit the kingdom of God.

Prophet Mohammed/Muhammad

Prophet Mohammed is the founder of the Islamic religion and his name refers to the highly praised.  Just like Jesus Christ, his life is marked with realities and myths, but the outward fact is that he was born in Mecca in the 570 AD of a father who died shortly after he was born.  His light to religion started when he married a wealthy Meccan widow who was 15 years his senior at the age of 25.  From her, God comforted him, as she was his burden light.  His revelation started when Angel Gabriel appeared to him and said to him “proclaim” but his response can be compared to that of Moses as he replied, “I am not a proclaimer” (Braithwaite, 2011).  The Angel persisted while he continued to resist but at last, the Angel had to command Muhammad to proclaim the name of the lord and teach his graciousness to the whole world.

He was to gain support of many people and continually, he garnered enough followers to do what he was commanded to including fighting the enemies in Mecca.  He was a major witness to the conversion of many people to Islamic religion and year by year, the population of the Islam religion continued to soar thanks to his work as a point man of God.   By the time he died in the year 630, he had conquered many and converted most of Arabia to Islam, and this means that he is very much significant in the Islamic religion.

Significance of the Deaths of Jesus and Mohammed

The death of Jesus Christ is proclaimed by the Christians as the most significant thing about the life and death of Jesus Christ here on earth.  According to Fisher (2005), the death of Jesus Christ was to secure the forgiveness of the whole of humankind in the belief that before then, humankind was chained to sins of death of the first people, Adam and Eve.  Mark. 10:45 quotes that, “The son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many.” The trickling blood of Jesus when he was dying on the cross is said to be the cleanser of sins for humankind and with it, humankind was rescued from bondage that was put by the evil, Satan.  His suffering was not enough to make people turn from their evil ways rather he had to die on a most crude method for realization of this.

According to Fisher (2005), the death of Prophet Mohammed in the year 630 A.D is very controversial, as it is believed to have come out of poisoning when he attacked and conquered the Jewish settlement in the land of Khaibar.  There were events that happened before his final bow to death, and this is given much significance to mean that he had already completed what God through Angel Gabriel had set him to do.  All other illness was healed instantly, but the poisoning did not heal, and this is interpreted to mean that he had done the last of his mission and God was ready to take him.  His death means much to the Islam followers and the land of Mecca is still remembered for harboring such a great prophet; a prophet who founded the church and Quran upon which by its believe, the believers would attain holiness and acquire blessings of God.  He was a prophet and comparable to Jesus Christ of the Christians and by the belief of his existence, blessings dawn on people.

The Messages of Jesus and Mohammed in the World

Trafford (2006) writes that by following what Jesus and Mohammed taught when they were here on earth, it would be as the source of major inspiration on earth.  The two great people have messages that were common while others differed, but the most important is that the messages that they gave to their religions are replicated in teachings in the present day. One of the famous similarities of messages is the call for humility and servitude, which was spread by the two great people of history in religion.  This has been carried all over the world by the two religions with their followers sticking to the implications of having humility and servitude.  All of their messages preached about adhering to the requirements of God before attaining full holiness.  The messages of Jesus and Mohammed can be summoned to Love where love can be interpreted to many meanings but all attributed to doing what God requires of the human kind.  The Christians and Muslims took these messages and spread them using different format with the emphasis of loving God and loving one another.

Islamic religion is to Christianity and so is Jesus Christ to Prophet Mohammed where Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity while Prophet Mohammed founded the Islamic religion.  In the history of religion, these two great people form the basis of what the world has today, more than 40% subscribing to the two religions while the rest is taken by other religions.  This paper has looked at the significance that is attributed to these two great people in the history of religion, and more so, their death, living and messages.


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