Essay Assignment

Essay assignment can be given at any level of education. Essay assignment aims at assessing deeper understanding of a subject, and research and writing skills. There are wide ranges of essay types that can be given as essay assignment.  These essay assignment topics include fiction, narratives, and descriptive, comparative, and evaluative essays. The most common essay assignment topics are the descriptive essay, also known as informative.

Essay assignment need a collaborative effort between the instructor and the writer. Instructors can help the writer in essay assignment in many ways. Right from the beginning of the course, the instructor will need to give a guiding question, explain to the writer what is expected of the essay assignment.  This will include explanations on the purpose of the essay, type, format, length, submission date and information on reference materials.  The instructor can still help the writer by providing sample papers, friendly layouts and brainstorming tools. If possible, writer can be permitted to complete their essay assignment in stages, with the instructor giving progressive review of the assignment.


When a student or a writer has an essay assignment, a few general guidelines can make the writing successful. The writer needs to have prior writing and composition ability. Essay assignment will also require adequate resource material, an understanding of proper citation and anti- plagiarism policy. The writer of any essay assignment must be familiar with the writing format as required by the instructor. There are specific formats by associations and professional bodies for various subjects.  For example, the APA format is recommended for essay assignments in social sciences. Knowledge of the general process in writing the essay assignment is also necessary.

The essay assignment writing process can be divided into three general stages. The first stage in essay assignment is the pre –writing stage. In this stage, the writer takes time to understand the question and the requirements. After understanding the question, the writer starts to gather information on the topic, and to come up with a thesis statement that will form the basis of further arguments in the essay.  Clearly stated thesis statement is the foundation of successful completion of the essay assignment.


The second stage in essay assignment is putting in writing the information gathered in a concise and well-organized manner. At this stage of essay assignment, the writer structures the assignment into three main parts namely: introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction projects what is to be discussed in the essay. The body of the essay assignment gives further details of the points mentioned in the introduction. The body of the essay is divided into cohesive paragraphs with coherent ideas.   Coherence of ideas in any essay assignment is attained through proper sentence construction, with subject and verb agreement and the right words used.  In an essay assignment, the writer is expected to use words appropriately spelt and mean what they say.

The third stage in essay assignment is the editing stage. At this stage, the writer edits the whole essay ranging from the content, grammar, punctuation and the organization. The writer makes sure that the content in the essay assignment is adequately addressed and relevant. Peer review is important in essay assignment. The writer can request for help from peers at any stage of writing.

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