How Federal Bureaucracy Relates To Your Life

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How Federal Bureaucracy Relates To Your Life


There are ways in which federal bureaucracy operating in America influences one’s daily life activities. This can be clearly understood when a journal constituting of the activities carried out in a normal day, is prepared in order to point out the specific areas in which federal bureaucracy influences ones life. A normal day starts at five o’clock in the morning when some exercises are done to keep fit followed by taking a warm bath. This is then followed by preparing breakfast, where the main fuel used for cooking is gas since electricity prices have shot high. At seven o’clock is when preparation for the journey to college starts since students are required to be in class on time before lectures begin. At exactly eight o’clock, the first lecture starts and the others follow with breaks for lunch and tea during the day. However, not all daytime hours are occupied with lectures and the free time in between is utilized in some co-curricular activities or part time jobs to help pay some bills. Evening comes and due to the busy day’s exhaustion, dinner is prepared or bought from the fast food café. The day ends with some hours of studying and catching up with news from the mass media (McKay, 2009).

The regulations by federal bureaucracy affect day-to-day life through the listed day’s activities in several ways. The first one is through poverty regulation where the current economic crisis have made life very difficult, requiring one to work extra hard in order to meet basic needs. This is because prices for almost every item including food items have gone high and one has to rely on cheap packages from the fast food café, which is not healthy at all. This leads to second way through which federal bureaucracy affects daily activities where it is involved in regulating the health sector operations as well as drugs. This has led to a practice where body exercises have to be included in the daily activities schedule in order to limit the chances of visiting the doctor or having to purchase drugs for any health complications. Thirdly, federal bureaucracy has influenced daily activities through social regulations. The discussion has involved a wide range of political influence where issues like abortion or even marriage are being determined by politicians. This is causing confusion even in learning since different views are aired on daily basis making it difficult to point out the exact one reigning at any particular moment of study. The regulation regarding ensuring safety in learning environments is another impact, which has positively influenced daily learning activities since a healthy environment is provided at lesser costs than before. This contributes to the better academic performance since one gets comfortable when learning is being conducted in a clean environment. Fifthly, federal bureaucracy affects ones rights particularly those needed to provide defense if a case be taken to court. This affects daily activities where one has to be extra keen on the ways in which to conduct oneself since the government has influenced some rights like that of freedom leaving citizens, with limited authority to control their life (McKay, 2009).

Among the five areas on federal bureaucracy regulations, the one that has great impact is one regarding poverty regulation because the current economic situation has made it difficult to secure employment even when one has all the qualifications necessary for a particular job. This may lead to even those who are educated to fall in the category of citizens suffering in poverty. This is very discouraging especially for students spending a better part of their lives trying to study. On the other hand, the area that has least impact is one concerning rights since it does not have much application in college but in courts where one may try to avoid as much as possible (Bardes, 2008).

The Agency Charged With Regulating Poverty

Organizations based in America are found to work in conjunction with the government in order to formulate policies that uphold job quality as well as hiring rules and objectives. This does not only affect the situation where one is required to secure employment after completing learning but also where part-time job during learning is concerned. An agency known as Community Redevelopment is involved in issues of poverty, especially where its regulation is concerned. The agency was formed in order to respond to the current crisis being experienced in the employment sector. The main area of concern is the situation where a considerably large population is being offered very low wages especially those engaged in part time jobs such as security, retail as well as cleaning. This agency of Community Redevelopment has been involved in establishment of quality employment opportunities as well as creation of hire programs targeted by several job seekers. This has resulted to easy accessing of “construction careers” which is a model being effected by the agency dealing with poverty regulation through employment opportunities provision. The agency directions are put together into some objectives, which are supposed to be integrated into legislation, enforcing the available federal construction. These include a requirement for providing prevailing wages for any specific work being supported through federal funds. The agency also supports the consideration of labor agreements reflecting on required standards of job quality which would allow workers to be offered due respect in their areas of work. Hiring programs that have been targeted by several job seekers are also established by the agency, including new workers within certified training programs. The agency directs these objectives mostly to middle class employment, which is the area where a large population falls. Federal government has provided great support to this agency, enabling it to expand in its operations and reach a large American population. Though this agency is based in Los Angles, its impact is felt all over America due to federal government support, which transfers its practices to other states through its various governing operations (Bardes, 2008).


It is clear that the daily activities of a student can be affected by federal bureaucracy just like the activities of every other citizen. This is because the social space occupied by students is also a constituent part of the area governed by federal government. Among the areas influenced by federal bureaucracy, regulations are those concerning economic status, which has affected citizens in various ways. An agency based in Los Angeles is charged with a task involving poverty reduction and ensures that employees are offered presentable payment. Working conditions for the American workers are also given consideration where provision of proper working environment is emphasized. The agency has been recognized by the US President Barrack Obama which has given it popularity especially where mass media is concerned (McKay, 2009).


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