Be aware of the following fraud websites that claim to offer online academic writing services  


Although you can find a lot of information of the possible upload of additional materials while placing an order and the description of the process, there is no such button or page on the website. It is strange because even if you decide to use this service there is a great obstacle on your way. They recommend you to visit the ‘order’ page but, unfortunately, we could not find it while making review. Guarantees ->> You might be pleased with the number of guarantees offered by the service – privacy security guarantee, non-plagiarism guarantee and free revision guarantee. Overall, you will get an original paper you can ask the experts to revise until you are satisfied. Confidentiality is not guaranteed with these websites.

I am disappointed and a bit angry with these people. After I have read how good the service was, I was expecting to receive a nice paper within the deadline. I am paying good money after all. Nevertheless, I got none of the two above-mentioned things. They had to send the paper on Tuesday morning, and I got it Wednesday evening. In addition, it was just an OK paper, not more. I decided to revise and edit it myself because was really short of time and did not want to risk anymore. So, yeah, if you want to save your nerves, do not use this service.