Instruction : 
The student will write a 3 page paper in current Turabian format which focuses on
developing a prayer strategy for evangelistic ministry.   
Use the following section headers to organize your paper.
PART I-   Utilizing this week’s videos and reading materials, explain why prayer is
often referred to as “the key to evangelism.” 
PART II-  Utilizing the two articles provided this week, identify 4 common
hindrances to prayer.  Then discuss 4 strategic safeguards which can be utilized to
avoid falling prey to those hindrances.
PART III-  Develop a prayer strategy for your own personal ministry of evangelism.
This should include a minimum of 5 prayer items which can be integrated into one’s
daily devotional routine.  
(Please give consideration to unsaved family and friends, global evangelism, local
outreach opportunities, evangelistic ministries, God’s guidance, personal
evangelistic preparation, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, daily witnessing
opportunities…etc. as you develop the items in your prayer strategy.)
Note:  Avoid generalities and make sure each prayer item is as detailed,
personalized and specific as possible.
BIBLIOGRAPHY –  You must have at least one supplementary source (in addition to the
textbooks, articles and the Bible) which is used in the development of your paper. 
It is important to note that Wikapedia is NOT a credible source for this paper.  
Your paper must be in current Turabian style.  If you need assistance with how to
format your paper, please click the following link. 
a.        The Font must be Times New Roman, 12-point pitch for entire paper
b.        The paper must include a Title Page and Bibliography
c.        Bold Section Headers must be included in the paper
d.        The body of your paper must be double-spaced and 3