identify social fact and provide a brief explanation to justify your observation

Durkheim presents a
fairly robust notion of the "social fact" as something that we find constraining,
and that exists independent of any single individual. At some point during the week,
I would like you to observe both yourself and those around you to try to identify at
many social facts as you are able.  However, since such a task could be limitless,
simply set aside 1-2 hours, keep a notebook and pen handy, and observe either your
own actions and daily life, or those around. When you are done, select 10-12 that
you think are the most compelling. Then for each social fact that you identify,
provide a brief explanation to justify your observation (no more than 2 sentences
for each fact identified).  
This assignment need not be written in an essay format, but if you wish to write it
in the form of a narrative, you are more than welcome to do so.
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