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Essays for sale refer to written essays by teams of professional essay writers that place them in their websites and databases for the purpose of students having the matching topics, requirements and specifications of their essays to purchase or place an order for the paper. This is similar to the essay writing service but only differs in that essays for sale are always ready. However, if the student does not find an essay that fully matches his/her requirements in the online essays, an essay that closely matches his/her type and topic of the essay is formatted to suite the requirements. The student then confirms the essay and if it meets the requirement he/she purchases the essay at a particular cost. The costs of the essays depend on the level of education with high schools essays being the cheapest and the PHD essays being the most expensive.


Essays for sale like essay writing services have helped in time management for students overloaded with work. The students purchase some of their educational work from online professionals that enable them to create time for other tasks as the academic work is solved. The essays for sale also help the students in earning good course grade and overall results as they are done by experts who have a well understanding and scope of knowledge on the topic of the essay. This has raised the students’ performances in their education as well as giving them more time for other activities apart from studies. The characteristics of essays for sale are quality essays, well researched essays. Plagiarism free essays, easy to analyse, clear and collect grammar and interesting. This characteristics help in marketing and selling the essays.


The essays for sale have pros and cons. In pros, they help in time management for students overloaded with work. Similarly, they help students’ faced by health problems to meet the assignment deadlines as well as manage their time. Essays for sale also help students to create time for their rest, family and friends as they meet some of the time consuming activities. They also help in creation of employment opportunities as they provide the writers with employment in their field of expertise from which they earn their living.


In the cons, they make students lazy and reluctant in academics as they understand they have alternative means of accomplishing their assignment. The students give less attention to even essays that they can be able to write or that are under the knowledge of scope as they already know of sites to get them. This lowers the quality of education and makes the students to complete their courses with little or no knowledge, skills and competence as required by their curriculum. In addition, the students get recognised with high and quality grades or results that are not part of their efforts that gain them good employment chances where they perform poorly due to lack of enough knowledge.


As a good means of students’ time management and employment creation approach, essays for sale have severely affected the quality of education. They have helped students to earn grades or results that they are not worth and making majority of them have no or little skills and knowledge as their curriculum stipulates. They make students reluctant and have less value to their education as they have alternative means to achieve their dreams.